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The reception of abstracts starts from 20th January to 31st March, 2021. The abstract must be entered in the format (see template), with a 12 font size and Times New Roman font style. The title should be centered, with capital and bold letters. You should leave an empty line and then write the names of the authors, writing the initials of the name (s) and the full surnames; underline the name of the presenting author (use the format).

The affiliation of each author will be addressed by a number and should be placed on the last part of the authors names, leaving an empty line in between. The email of the author who will present/ corresponding author of the work must be indicated (Notification of acceptance will be sent to this author only).

The abstract should be properly justified, single spaced and no more than 250 words in a single paragraph. Scientific names of species or any other special names should be written in italics. The margins of the document should be 2.5 cm on each side. The abstracts should not include bibliographic references and should cover the following sections: Brief introduction, objective, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. Below the abstract, you must include up to five keywords, separated by semicolons (;). Likewise, the abstract should be sent via email to the following addresses:;


The author must specify in the subject field of the email in which theme he/she wishes to include his abstract and to one of the best thematic lines that suits his proposal. He/she should also suggest the mode of presentation (oral or poster). However, the scientific committee will select the most suitable modality for the scientific work received and will also take into consideration of the themes specified by the author. 

All accepted articles must be presented and their abstracts will be published in the conference special in three different ways: 

1) Conference abstract volume of all the articles that will be presented at the conference; 

2) Full article (in English) in a special issue of the journal “Environmental Science and Pollution Research (ESPR, Springer – Verlag)” and 

3) Full article (in Spanish/English), in a special issue of IPN Editorial.

Instructions for authors to submit articles to ESPR and La Granja will be sent to the author for correspondence of each article and the web links will also be available on the website shortly.

The abstract, once accepted by the scientific review committee, will be included in the conference abstract volume without modifications as sent by the authors. Likewise, the abstract must be in both languages. The acceptance of the abstracts will be communicated by email before March 31, 2021 to the corresponding author as indicated in the abstract. The presentation of the article in the congress is conditional, signifying that at least one of the authors will register for the event no later than May 31, 2021 as indicated for different categories. Non-registered articles will be removed from the conference proceedings. Author registration allows presenting a maximum of two articles in the event. Submitted articles must be unpublished and presented for the first time in the present scientific forum.

In the event that the scientific evaluation committee finds that a submitted work is very similar to another that has been previously presented or published in another scientific forum, it will be removed immediately under the following criteria:

  • Degree of similarity between both the works. 
  • No new contributions in the subject of study.
  • The article will be definitively rejected if two or more members of the committee agree on that opinion.
  • Topic does not correspond to the topics of the specified themes.
  • If it does not meet the required scientific quality standards.


Option 1 Only in Proceedings of the conference (link on the website)

Submit before March 31st.

Option 2 Environmental Science and Pollution Research Springer Verlag

(In english) 

Submit full articles before May 31, 2021.

Option 3 Editorial IPN – Special volume


Submit before May 31, 2021.